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De-mystifying COMPUTER THREATS in Kenya


One big worry that every computer user has to think about is when their computer has ¬†been infected by a malware. So what exactly is a malware? There are many definitions of this term but I will try to simplify to make it easier to understand. In simple words it means malicious software. A malware is any software that getsRead the Rest…

Solution to Presentations: The HP Split x2 Convertible Laptop

HP Split x2 Convertible Laptop

A friend of mine recently invited me to accompany him to a forum he was invited to make a presentation. As we were travelling we had a talk from which there arose a topic which was of great concern. FLEXIBILITY. My friend lamented that he had to carry both his laptop and IPad every time he went for a presentationRead the Rest…

Just to thank you on the wonderful service and advice you gave me on setting up my laptop. Jane from Nairobi.