Bluetooth Speakers

Advancements in technology have brought us an array of speakers; Bluetooth speakers for instance. They are weird, wonderful and wireless. Remember the days where you couldn’t listen to your favorite music out and about unless you had a pack of triple ‘Everyday’ batteries or a small phone speaker?

With just about every device out there supporting Bluetooth, it’s become a default way to audio-indulge, and there’s a whole world of truly unique bluetooth speakers in Kenya that fully allow you to listen to music on-the-go. With an array of different Bluetooth devices competing to be the best and stand-out, these are the ones that bring something different to the table; while satisfying the needs of people wanting high-end sound quality.

Types of Bluetooth speakers in Kenya

S3 Bluetooth speakers

Aesthetically, the S3 speaker is certainly pleasing. This oddly shaped speaker draws heavily on geometry from a design point of view; in order to achieve the best possible sound and allow consumers to indulge in an immersive sound experience.

Fugoo style Bluetooth speakers

It can get pretty annoying when you’re chilling with your mates and your speakers die on you. Well, with these bad boys you won’t have to worry about that! With its 40-hour battery life, they’re perfect to keep you going well into the next day. One for the crack-on.

 JBL pulse 2 Bluetooth speakers

Whether it’s a night in listening to your favorite tracks, a house party or banging out some big tunes, the JBL Pulse 2 is a neat party speaker. It delivers 12 light-show options; including fire, rain and fireworks, whilst offering up pulsating, hypnotic lights to fit the mood.

IQ Gravity Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker has an advanced magnetic levitation system and a revolutionary Death Star-shaped orb. The magical levitation effect is created by the magnets concealed within the sphere-shaped speaker and base stand. While it’s levitating, you can even tap or spin the speaker as it plays out your favorite tracks.

Carambola Bluetooth Fountain water dancing speakers

Watch water dance as you bring music to life with these water dancing speakers. With a multi-colored water display, it’s easy to enjoy listening to your favourite tunes as the speaker glows through its built-in LED lights.

Basically Bluetooth technology allows endless possibilities for wireless communication and data exchange over short distances. It has created a communication standard across platforms and products.

UE Mega boom Bluetooth Speaker

The accessibility of a digital music and being able to stream wirelessly are more comfortable than attending a night party in a big town club. The speaker come with a pumped up size, specifications and inevitable prices which go hand in hand with your desires and your pocket.

Mega boom are lately designed in a way that they can be connected with another pair and are small enough to carry them along anywhere you feel like travelling to.


Music being life to many is an essential to many in kenya. With the wireless Bluetooth speakers in Kenya, it’s all about party and dance. All the gadgets are designed in a way that they have a chrome cast built-in app where you just tap the cast button at your favorite mobile music app to instantly play on the speakers. Then control the speaker from your phone where you can search, play, pause, turn up or turn down the volume anywhere in the house. The chrome cast built-in also make it possible to receive calls, play games, send a text or leave the room, all without interrupting what’s playing in the speaker or draining away the battery. Get one of the Bluetooth speakers in kenya here