Types of Earphones in Kenya

Have you ever been in Nairobi and stranded not knowing where you can get quality earphones of your desire?

I visited a store within Nairobi where I was introduced to a very cheap but attractive pair of earphones. The deal was so enticing; owning earphones and at the same time saving some cash. I bought the “quality earphones”. Before I even left the CBD , my quality good earphones were spoiled. That inspired my research on Original and Quality earphones.

Don’t be a victim like me. The best and affordable earphones are now in your area in different designs, different shapes and different features

Types of Earphones in Kenya

Below are some of the most common types of earphones in Kenya that you can purchase.


Samsung earbuds in Kenya

They are designed in a way that they press against your ear. This type of Earphones do not fit into the ear thus allow noise from the external environment to get into the ear. The earphones are recommended by many as they are compact and easy to carry.



In-ear earphones

This type of earphones are totally different from the earbuds since the are designed in a way that they enter your ear canals thus blocking noise from the external Environment. They are made from soft materials thus they are comfortable to wear.The In-ear earphones are delicate and can easily get damaged thus they require careful handling.



Over Ear earphones

As the name suggests, they cover the entire ear and hence reduce noise pollution from the environment. They give a maximum result of the sound you are listening to. This type has a velvet made cups that are comfortable to wear.The negativity to this type is they are heavier than most of the other models in Kenya thus not very comfortable when carrying them around.


On-ear earphones

When you wear this type of earphones they sit over your ear. The model do not interfere with the entire ear since they only cover the ear canals. The most identifying feature of the on-ear model is that they have a closed back that enable you to listen to the music better.

This model is lightweight thus easy to carry. Most of the On-ear brands have packing bags which make them even more easier to carry them.

They are effective and usable indoors and outdoors. The model has a foam padding that get moist when your ears sweat making them more comfortable to wear.


Above are some of the most common type Earphones in Kenya that you can buy. The ones you go for depends on your needs and preferences. The expensive the model the better the quality therefore to make the most from the models, ensure that you buy those of high quality.

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