Bluetooth Headsets in Kenya

Bluetooth sounds intimidating to ordinary individuals but it’s a simple gadget with simple uses like the hands-free communication. The headsets were once bulky because of the wire cables but with the latest invention of the Bluetooth they are now lightweight and more efficient.

When one is on the move or doing something that requires the involvement of your both hands, these headsets come in very handy. You can use them when indoors as u do your usual chores.

Additionally, the Bluetooth headsets do not consume a lot of power. You don’t have to carry a power supply system every now and then.

Types of Bluetooth headsets in Kenya.

No button headsets

It makes your phone accessible and easy to use and gives you confidence when walking or traveling.

It has a powerful built-in feature that makes it possible to make or receive calls without any key press.

 Sony noise cancelling headsets

They are engineered in such a special mode that allows you as the listener to maintain and control noise from the environment and at the same time listen to the music. Despite the great features of these types of Bluetooth headsets, they are readily available in the Kenyan market at very affordable prices.

Apple Wireless headsets

Unlike the old-fashioned headsets that connect the both earpieces with an actual cable, they are totally good and worth buying with the left and right earpieces. Thanks to their lightweight which make them easier to get in and out of the ear and very comfortable to wear. The headsets come packed with a case where you put them after use. The good thing is that the same case will charge the headsets.

 Cross fade 2 wireless

The headsets fold together to fit in a case that come along with it. I’m bold to say that the headset has a more sculpted bass which is very good.

The headsets are also well designed with larger ear pads that provide more a

Comfortable fit and deliver a better battery life. The sound is relatively on



Those bad moments when you were putting on your earphones and couldn’t do anything as they would keep falling off are now gone. When you couldn’t even go jogging with your earphones on, as they would fall off repeatedly forcing you to pocket them in disgust.

Here we have a permanent solution for you, the Bluetooth wireless headsets. They maybe more expensive than the usual earphones but will give the best service. Your usual activities and chores either indoors or outdoors are made as easy as 123 with this wireless headset.

Connect them via Bluetooth to your laptop, smartphone, tablet, IPod, mp3 play and make music your best friend.

If you are looking for the best wireless headsets in Kenya then you are at the right place. We have plenty of the latest models at affordable prices and desired features.