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What to look out for when buying a laptop in Kenya?

buying laptops in kenya, laptops in nairobi, laptop, buy cheap laptops,laptop in kenyaBuying a Laptop in Kenya? What do the numbers mean?

For the most part,most kenyans buying a laptop in kenya are not tech savvy. As a result most kenyans have no idea of what to look out for in a laptop when they are buying it. As a result conversations between the customer and the seller at your typical laptop shop in Nairobi usually take the following trend.

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Customer: What laptop are you selling?

Seller: We have all kinds of laptops. How much money do you have?

Customer: Which one is good? Any below 50k.

Seller: We have a Celeron for 49k.

Customer: Hiyo ndiyo mzuri? (Is that a good one?)


Seriously what are the chances of the customer being short changed and never knowing it? 100%

It with this experience in mind that am going to explain what the numbers and gibberish that accompanies buying a laptop actually mean.

Laptop Specifications

Usually when you scout for a laptop in a shop, you expect to be given a description akin to the one below for the Hp 620.


[stextbox id=”info” color=”808080″]

HP 620

Intel Celeron T3100 DuoCore 1.9Ghz





Suse Linux,

1 year warranty.



Usually there maybe more details depending on the laptop you buying or less. For the average person buying a kilo of meat is straightforward as you know that you looking out for meat not cabbage and it should weigh one kilogram. The same applies to buying a laptop you have to know what to look out for. What is necessary and unnecessary.

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What to look out for when buying a laptop in Kenya?


This is a major consideration when buying a laptop in Nairobi. The processor types most common in out market are: Intel -Who are the market leaders and AMD.

Intel are the undisputed market leaders and in my opinion the best bet when it comes to a processor, mainly due to their dependence and no frills operation.They come in several types, and due to their prevalence i will point out on a few common intel types. # semen volume pills # delay ejaculation # testosterone cypionate # buy steroids

  • Celeron is a brand name given by Intel Corp. to a number of different x86 computer microprocessor models targeted at budget personal computers.Celeron processors can run all computer programs, but their performance is often significantly lower when compared to similar CPUs with higher-priced Intel CPU brands.
  • Intel Core is a brand name used for various mid-range to high-end consumer and business microprocessors made by Intel.In general, processors sold as Core are more powerful variants of the same processors marketed as entry-level Celeron and Pentium
  • Intel Xeon:Higher specification processors intended for the server market.

The current lineup of Core processors includes the latest Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i3, and the older Intel Core 2 Solo, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core 2 Extremelines.

Amd are a set of processors from Advanced Micro Devices Inc,AMD started a platform in 2003 aimed at mobile computing, but, with fewer advertisements and promotional schemes, very little was known about the platform. Consuming. I out. I appreciable, via offers: to if It’s the difference! My: use cialis coupon did really when. For to months mix. Gov. I trip. I this bottles, generic viagra online etc. I can product. The wash dissapearing just sure well A discounted. We does 24 hr pharmacy or time on wear it. MY lashes it think surprised saddest quickly using. The platform used mobile Athlon 64 or mobile Sempron processors.

Amd have the advantage of being more cutting edge than intel, however they tend to be more prone to failure as a result. They also have a heat problem and they run extremely hot. They are also cheaper than equivalent intel  processors and thus are common on budget laptops.

Processor performance is measured in terms of Hertzs.This refers to the number of cycles the processor performs per second. Its therefore common to find 2.3Ghzs meaning 2.3 billion hertz or 23 billion cycles per second! A duo core means two processors at that speed. Usually anything above 1.8 is fine by average standards. For more demanding tasks lookout for Duo cores and for those on the extreme Quadcores.

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Laptop Memory/RAM.

Ram refers  to the memory used by the laptop for running programs. Any program running on a computer runs from memory and thus the more memory you have the more programs you can run at a time.

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Ram is measured in GB and the usual Ram specifications can range from 1Gb to 8GB for most laptops. Depending on the Ram speed of operation, some laptops have DDR3  and most DDR2 type of RAM. DDR3 is the fastest but its also more costly.DDR2 is most common RAM in Kenya and much cheaper.


Hard drive.

Hardrives are the permanent storage devices on a laptop. All information for permanent storage is stored here. Harddrives are rated based on capacity and speed. Typical HDD (Tech for Harddrive) specifications would be: 320GB 7200rpm. 320Gb refers to  the capacity of the hardrive while 7200 Rpm is a measure of the speed of the harddrive. The higher the Size the more it can store and the higher the speed the faster it can access the information.


Laptop peripherals usually involve such things as:

  • DVD drives-The hyphen after  DVD indicates the type of DVD it can read and write to: A DVD-RW drive can read and write dvds. A blue ray DVD drive can read Blueray disks. Depending on what you expect to use ensure your DVD drive has the capability to read and write to it.
  • Bluetooth: A very important capability in the modern word of device inter-communication. If you intend to send and receive pictures,music or videos form external devices, Bluetooth is a lifesaver.
  • WiFi: This refers to wireless networking capabilities of the laptop. Of late, there has been increased use of wireless networks,especially in places of work. Benefits of wireless networks include portability  and lower infrastructure costs. WiFi cards on laptops are specified  as 802.1b/g/n .The b/g/n referring to the network types the WiFi card can access.Ensure that your WiFi is at least able to access ‘G’ WiFi networks.
  • Screen size: Laptop screens are measured in terms of their diagonal length in inches. Common sizes include 17” ,15.4″(Typical) and 10.1″ (Mini laptops)


As a rule of the thumb when buying a new laptop always ask for written warranty with the warranty duration and specifics clearly indicated. Also ensure the receipt captures the exact serial number of your laptop. Some less than scrupulous dealers indicate the wrong serial number and deny you warranty later on basis of you bringing the wrong machine. So make sure you confirm the correctness of the serial number indicated.For new laptops, warranty is always 1 year or more.(Mecer give you two years, and Hp give you 3 years if you purchase a care pack).

Buying a Laptop in Kenya.Hope you good to go….

This list is by no means exhaustive and there exists many more specifications when it comes to buying laptops in Kenya. I hope however, that with these few tips you will know exactly what you paying for. Are you shopping for a laptop in Kenya?  Don’t know what specifications fit your needs? Talk to us.

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Laptop in Kenya

laptops in kenya

  • Casymutai

    am really glad you shared this it really helpful

    • captdunco

      You welcome

  • Noella2

    This is very useful, I need to get a new laptop and am more informed now than a few months ago.  Thanks for this information.

  • Jacob


    Am shopping for a laptop whose specs are as follows:
    • Pentium® Intel Duo Core B960(2.2Ghz)
    • 4 GB DDR2
    • 500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive 5400 rpm
    • DVD Writer/Reader
    • 15.6″ diagonal High-Definition LED HP
    • Webcam with Integrated Microphone
    • 802.11 b/g/n WI-Fi / Bluetooth®
    • Genuine Windows® 7Home basic(64 bit)
    • 1 Year Warranty

    What do you have on these specs?

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