What are all these Ports? Explaining all the Connnectors on Your Laptop

What are all these Holes?

Most  people  who own a Laptop in Kenya, have no clue what the all  the sockets on their laptop are meant for. To many their knowledge is limited to the Power Port and the USB ports. But would it not be nice to know just what you paid for,  when you bought your computer?

So what sockets are you likely to come across as you are buying a laptop in Kenya?

1. USB ports.

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The USB port has become ubiquitous in modern day computers. Its the preferred interfacing method for almost all modern gadgets. Be it your IPOD or watching the movie on your Flash drive or for the Numerous Kenyans charging your IDEOS phone. The USB is a must have on any computer.

If you buying a laptop in Kenya, its very important that you consider the location of the USB ports on your intended purchase. The laptop should have  three or more ports at the very least.Also the ports should be so arranged that they are distributed on both sides of the laptop. A down side of having all USB ports clustered together is that if you plug in a big device such as a modem you  cannot connect another device. Case in point are Fujitsu siemens laptops. You can solve this by buying a USB hub .


2. Audio Ports.

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These are some of the most confusing ports.Most people know about the Audio. For those who Skype the microphone one maybe. But the rest, no clue!  They usually  are three in number(Though the Hp Pavillion series have two audio jacks) and usually accept 3.5mm jacks. The three are:Audio out (Left and Right Stereo) and Microphone.




3. Modem

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This is an ancient provision. A while back before the advent of  High speed internet and  USB modems, internet was accessed via Dialup. This involved using a land line telephone . The connection was extremely slow and buggy. All the same Laptop manufacturers still provision this port and it resembles an Ethernet port but its smaller. Usually when you buy a laptop in Kenya you are likely to find a cable that fits into this jack.

However the chances of using this jack are minimal.




4.Card Reader.

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For those who use memory cards especially for storing photos, this is a lifesaver. Most new laptops in Kenya have this provision.

As you scout for a laptop with this feature ensure that the device supports all the memory card types available. Usually lookout for  3-in-1 or 4-in-1 slots that can read multiple cards, including MultiMediaCard (MMC), xD Picture Card, or MemoryStick (MS) formats.


5. HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

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The standard connection for those with high-definition televisions and monitors is an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port. Found on newer laptops, this port allows for transmitting uncompressed digital video and audio via a single cable.





6. Esata(External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment )

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External Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or eSATA is an external interface for SATA technologies. It competes with FireWire 400 and universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 to provide fast data transfer speeds for external storage devices.

 7. Ethernet LAN Port

laptops in kenya,Ethernet LAN
The ethernet port is used for connecting your laptop to the LAN using a patch cable. The Ethernet ports come in two forms 10/100mbps and the 100/1000 - Gigabit . The difference is in their LAN speeds they support. The gigabit being the fastest. Ensure that you use an RJ-45 cable to  connect to this port.





8. Power Jack Port.

This is the port required for connecting your laptop’s charger. They vary in size and configuration depending on the laptop manufacturer. Ensure that the charger connected is the correct one since chargers vary in voltage and pin configuration. Do not be tempted to connect another laptops charger(If the laptops are the same model ,there is no harm)  just because the jack looks similar. The voltages may vary and you may end up with a fried motherboard.

9.Kensington Lock Slot

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This is a small slot that is to be found on a sturdy point on your laptop. Its used in conjunction with a Lock chain to fasten your laptop . This is a very useful feature especially in busy open space offices. You can never be too careful when its comes to Laptop security.Ensure that you fasten your laptop to your desk with a high quality chain.












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I hope I have shed light on the various ports on your laptop. This list is not comprehensive  and depending on your laptops you may have extra ports that i have not discussed or may lack some the ports highlighted above. You should at least have 80% of the ports/slots  above. For any inquiries regarding buying a laptop in Kenya contact us at help@tarakilisihub.com.