Acer is on fire! A look at the Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine.

What a Great Deal with the Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine!

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Beyond any doubts it has now officially been proved that Acer wants to rule the laptops world. Kenyans too are picking up on the trend since they have embraced Acer products. Today if you just took a stroll around the Nairobi city for a laptop window shop be assured of giving every Acer laptop a second look.

One is that their great prizes are just competitive enough to make them outstanding in the midst of many other laptops in Kenya. Well this does not mean that the quality of the Acer laptops is compromised at the end of the day!

So how special is the Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine?

If you are the kind of person that has the passion for big things then Acer AS7552G-6436 is the way to go. With a 17.3’’ Active Matrix TFT Color LCD screen display that supports 16.7 million colors you are assured of getting every image clear and real. The big size should not be a worry to you. The computer is light enough to carry around.
It comes with a pre installed Microsoft windows 7 Home premium operating system the 64-bit version which gives you the ability to get more features. For instance sharing of documents in a network is well simplified and straight forward. The operating system is on point when it comes to performing multi functions since it organizes all what you are doing very well. This is boosted by a standard memory with a maximum of 8GB that assures you of doing many tasks at a go without experiencing any breakdowns.
One unique feature that is common with every Acer laptop you purchase is a Multi-Gesture touchpad.  The AS7552G-6436 enables you to zoom in or out, flip through WebPages and scroll. To avoid any accidental movement during your typing you can disable its function ability just at the touch of one button. Is this not great?

Other features of the Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine are:

  • A hard drive whose capacity is 640GB. Big enough to accommodate your favorite music, movies and other documents.
  • Invilink Npilfy WiFi connection that you a strong link to the available wireless internets.
  • A built microphone and webcam good enough for your skipping and video conferencing.
  • Four USB ports and memory card support slots that support both the memory stick and the multimedia card.
  • DVD writer.
  • Six cell Lithium Ion cell that can run for up to 2hours 20 minutes; enough to take you through a whole movie.
  • Comes with a one year limited travelers warranty.

Buying the Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine

Today it’s never hard to buy anything since there are many options to it. It may be hard to get it in the local market but that does not mark an end to it. Buying online is the best option to it. Amazon provides you a great deal in this case. At $799 you get the computer shipped to your chosen destination free of charge. It time you became a proud owner of your Acer AS7552G-6436 Machine.
The author of this Review is a guest Author. Mr Newton is an avid Tech Fan, with a passion for all things gadgetry. Catch him on his blog: Citiplace Management