Staying Current with the New State Of the Art Macbook Pro

Is the MacbookPro that Hot?

To many the MacBookPro is just another addition to the Apple laptop family.Well,for you to really understand why this new state of the art Apple laptop is generating such hype,you will need all the information on it.

What is the difference between an i Mac and a Macbook pro?

Most people today do not know the difference between these two laptops from apple. The iMac is the mini version of the Mac book. There are four distinctive differences between the two. These are:

  • The iMac is tedious and larger while Macbooks are easy to carry around due to their size.
  • The iMac’s harddrive is twice as large as compared to the Macbook.
  • The Mac book’s Random Access Memory (RAM) is twice that of the iMac
  • Mac book has a better graphics card.


It is important to note that iMacs are desktops while Mac books are laptops. For now we will be talking about the laptops.


What makes the Macbook pro?

As mentioned earlier, they are the laptop version of the iMacs. They are your ultimate entertainment hub. The following features make them stand out from the rest:

  • Faster processors

Mac book pros have Intel Core i5 and i7 processors under their belts and screen sizes of 13”, 15” and 17”.

The 13” Mac book pro laptop has these two variant speeds where the i5 boasts of a 2.4Ghz with a turbo boost of 2.8Ghz.

The 13” Mac book pro i7 laptop has a 2.8Ghz frequency with a turbo boost speed of up to 3.5Ghz.

The quad-core variation are the 15” and 17” laptops. They both have i7 processors. These boast of frequencies of 2.5Ghz with turbo boost capability of up to 3.6Ghz and 8MB shared L3 cache. This allows the mac book pros to run their applications at very high speeds.

  • Faster and better graphics

Macbook pro has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor that encodes videos faster especially when using the web cam so that there are no delays in motion. The graphic processor also decodes faster hence play dvds and other movie types with long playback time.

  • The best and fastest connectivity

Your Mac book pro has the lated wireless technology that enables it to search for any available networks. These can be through WiFi or blue tooth. For connection of blue tooth devices, there is no need for a setup to be done. Mac book does it for you automatically.

  • The multi touch track pad

This allows you to be in control of whatever is on your Mac’s screen. You can pinch your fingers together to zoom out or in, swipe to move items on the screen like flipping pages of a book and even rotate.

You will also notice that it does not have click buttons like other laptops. You are allowed to double touch any where on the track pad or you can also set a side to click.

  • Long battery life

Battery life has always been a problem with technologically fit laptops and smart phones. Fortunately, the Macbook pro when fully charged will last you about 7 hours thanks to superior battery technology.

It is also important to note that while other laptop batteries die after few years, Mac book pro batteries last five years or more, depending on how you use the laptop

  • High definition web cam

The high definition camera is another advantage that this laptop has over others. The camera has new face time technology that enables you to take high resolution picture and videos. It auto balances the light and you can make 720p HD calls to another laptop with the same camera type.

  • The new thunderbolt technology

This is a new technology that enables the Mac book pro to connect high performance external devices effortlessly. Thunderbolt pipeline is 12 times faster than normal firewire800 and 20 times as fast as USB 2.0.



So how do i get a Macbook Pro in Kenya?

With  all these benefits, you will wonder why you do not have this new state of the art laptop in your possession.

The Laptop is available at the Apple shop at the Sarit center Nairobi. The prices vary , but range from $1000 dollars on wards.

This is a revolution from Apple that has set the pace for other laptop manufacturers.With this new Macbook pro, you will definitely have a more fulfilling and enjoyable cyber life. Macbook Pro