Replacing Your Laptop Charger in Kenya

Oh No! My Laptop charger is Dead!

With the unreliable power supply in Kenya, failed laptop chargers in Kenya is becoming a common occurence. Considering that a great majority of laptops in Nairobi also behave like desktops owing to faulty batteries, a failed charger is a disaster.  To make it worse not many of us have any clue when it comes to electronic faults. So should you find yourself in such a predicament, what do you do?


Laptop charger in NairobiCheck the Obvious.

Usually when something goes wrong, I have a tendency to imagine the worst case scenarion “Oh No, My Laptop Charger is Dead!”  However, at times the fault is usually quite simple and of our own doing. Check the obvious first:

  • Is there power! – I know daah, but it happens.
  • Is the socket you are connected to okay and switched on, Maybe try at another socket that your sure is fine.
  • Are the connections secure and the fittings snug?

All these are potential trouble spots but many of us overlook and you end up replacing a serviceable component.


Faulty Laptop Charger Fuse.

If the above factors are not the cause, its prudent to change the fuse in the plug section of your charger if it has one. Usually the fuse is on the underside of your three prong standard plug if you are from these part of the world. If you have the two pin plug then that is not the case.


Faulty laptop charger Cable.

If you happen to have an extra cable lying around you might try interchanging the cable and confirm whether its the cable from the wall point that is at fault. Usually due to handling and hoe you store the cable, kinks and twists can occur internally and break the cable. If you are not confortable with electricity your trail of self diagnosis ends here. you could use a electric tester if you are adept at it and test the cable leads.


Faulty Laptop charger unit.

If until this far you have not found fault with the preciding components, its safe to assume the fault is with the charger itself.

Unfortunately chargers are not made to be serviceable and thus if this is the case then you have no choice but to procure another.


Buying a Laptop Charger In Nairobi.

What to look out for when buying a Laptop Charger.

Should the worse come to the worse and you have to buy a new laptop charger in Nairobi,you should consider the following factors:

  • The Voltage and Ampiage of the charger. Different laptops have different electric ratings. The ratings are indicated on the side and are in terms of Volts and Amps. Ensure you get this right as choosing a wrongly rated charger will not only reduce your battery’s life but you run the risk of exploding batteries and  faulty charging systems.
  • Check the connector pin. Ensure the replacement charger is the correct size and configuration as the original.
  • Check the charger shape and build quality. The easiest way to point out a counterfeit is the packaging, If the charger differs in dimension from the original, then more often than not its a counterfeit.
  • Ensure the new charger has sufficient cord length. If its abnomally short its definately a conterfeight.


Discovering your laptop charger is dead is not the very best of news, but should the worst come to the worst I hope you will be in a position to acquire a new one.


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