Why You Should Buy a Second Hand Laptop in Kenya

Yes, there is a stigma associated with buying second hand laptop in Kenya. I understand it to some extent- I mean, it’s not like buying a new well packed machine. What I don’t understand is how this stigma exists in a society where buying a used cars and second hand clothes (mutumba) is so widely accepted.

Second Hand Laptop in Kenya
Second Hand Laptops in Kenya

As many others have pointed out, the process of buying a second hand laptop and a used car are actually very similar except the financial risk we take on with the latter is generally much, much higher. So why do we insist to stick on this? Here is why we should not be.

The Facts of Why You Should buy a Second Hand Laptop in Kenya

Fact #1: The economy is not good right now. Let’s face it; we are living in hard economic times. The cost of basic stuff has sky rocketed leaving us with less and less disposable income. It is very hard now to chuck out 50k to buy a new laptop in Kenya. Taking a loan is not so good an idea because the interest rates are so high in Kenya. We need a cheaper option, and a second hand laptop gives us the perfect leeway.

Fact#2: Our Computing Needs and Wants Differ

Needs are the necessary hardware and software that you need for you to work well with a machine. This is different from person to person because it highly depends of why you need a laptop. Laptops for entertainment stuff require good graphics and sound systems. On the other hand, someone who wants a laptop to use for writing purposes and accessing the internet requires a good processor and some third party software like MS office.

Wants on the other hand are the extra features on a laptop that we think we might require but most of the times we end not using them at all. For instance, I have a webcam I never use, why do I also need Bluetooth in the wifi age and so on and so forth. I am sure you also know of some features of a laptop you rarely use.

So the question is; do you speed 20K more to get those extra features that you might never use in a laptop? It is important to seriously analyze your computing needs and determine what you really need vs. what you really want in a laptop.

 Fact #3: The term “used” means different with second hand laptop in Kenya

Analysis of outlet stores and other dealers who deal with refurbished laptops reveals that “second hand” laptops that have been used are most likely returns that have been in circulation 30 days or less. When the laptops are returned, they undergo a thorough inspection; the damaged parts are replaced and should be good as new. They could also be demos or products with slight defects that are repaired during the inspection. Refurbished laptop dealer outlets also sometimes offer discounts on overstocked items. In this case, the laptops have never been used at all and you get a deal of your lifetime.

Fact #4: You still get a Warranty for Second hand laptop in Kenya

Most reputable retailers will offer a return policy and some sort of 6 months to 1-year warranty for their second hand laptops which should help bring you peace of mind. In case you are extremely cautious, there is usually a warranty extension option that, if purchased, will still put your total price tag well under what it would cost to buy new. The truth is that people buying new laptops are also encouraged to opt for the costly extended warranty, so the second hand laptop, with protection, remains a much better deal.

So Where Do You Look for Second Hand Laptop in Kenya

Deals on the internet, laptop repairers or some obscure retailer may seem hot, but you and I both know that laptops purchased from these outlets are most likely “used” in the strictest sense of the word. My advice is that you stick with the laptop manufacturers themselves or authorized laptop repairers. Make sure to search around first to ensure that you are getting a good price. And, as always, make sure it is backed by a decent warranty and return policy.

For more information of how you can get a good bargain of a second hand laptop in Kenya, contact me on admin@tarakilishihub.com or call/text 0726-474697.

I hope you are more than convinced to go for a second hand laptop on Kenya.