What you need to Know When Looking for the Best Laptop Deals in Kenya

I was looking for the best laptop deals in Kenya. Of course the first place I went is the internet. To my surprise there was not much content about it. I have done my research since and it’s only fair that I share this information here so that others do not have to go through the trouble that I went through.

We will start from the basics. What differentiates a laptop from a desktop computer?

Best Laptop Deals in Kenya

A Laptop also called a notebook computer by manufacturers is a battery operated or AC powered computer. It’s smaller than a briefcase in size and can be conveniently used when traveling. It weighs less than 5 pounds and is about 3 inches or less in thickness.

Laptop computers have displays that use thin-screen technology, this means they are brighter and give better views at different angles. They are much clearer in view, than the STN or dual-scan screen. There are several different ways in which you can perform the scrolling function using a mouse on a laptop. It may have features like touch pad, the trackball and the pointing stick. There is a serial port that can be used to attach the normal mouse. A laptop also provides features like PC card slots. Just as in the case of desktop computers, laptop computers also have CD-ROM versatile disc drives which you can use to watch DVD movies.

The mobility of a laptop makes it useful for businessmen, students and just about anybody whose jobs involves travelling. The convenience to carry ones personal computer around makes purchasing a laptop an attractive deal. Also, people with space constraint prefer laptops that do not need elaborate setups to keep.

But before you make a purchase, make sure you go through the best laptop deals in Kenya


Finding the best Laptop deals in Kenya

The following pointers will guide you in finding the most attractive laptop deal out there.

Do You Need a Laptop or Desktop?

It is always best to weigh your needs before deciding if you need a laptop or desktop. There are many advantages of a laptop over a desktop computer. The main advantage of a laptop as I pointed out earlier is mobility and compact size. The laptop’s hardware configuration is less adaptable, although it can be connected to additional external peripherals like printers with the help of the numerous I/O ports. Thus, if you have less space and need your computer 24/7, then laptop is a better option over desktop computers.

Second, if you are a frequent flier or traveler, then buying a laptop will prove to be an intelligent move. This is because you can carry your important documents, presentations, email and surf the Internet on your laptop, on the move. Those looking to replace their home desktops with something less space consuming, yet powerful and feature-packed as the desktop can find many laptops that fit their bills.

Best Laptop Deals in Kenya; a look at the Specs of a Laptop

When thinking of getting the best out of your investment, it is important you first write down the features you are looking for. This will ensure you do not lose out on the most essential requirements for your daily use for things you do not need. Thus, look for laptops giving you maximum features with an attractive price tag.

The brain power of a computer is its processor. The frequency always denoted in (GHz) plays an important role in the execution speed of a laptop. There are a variety of processors available in the market with terms like duo core, core 2 duo, i3, i7 and so on. Take a review of the different types of processors that are available, before you go for the buy. Check out their frequency and be aware of facts, like whether the processor that is embedded in your laptop is a 32 or 64 bit processor.

Another factor to be considered during a laptop deal is the size of memory denoted as RAM, in full this stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM has a considerable effect on the performance of a laptop. The RAM is the temporary memory of any computer system and hence the larger the amount of memory in the RAM of your computer, the better the performance during execution.

The hard drive is very important factor to consider during a laptop deal, as this entails the secondary memory of a machine, unlike RAM which is volatile. The capacity of a hard drive is expressed in gigabytes and shows the amount of data that can be saved by the user. This is where you will save your programs and entertainment stuff like music, movies. You should consider that the performance related to its spindle speed, as a weak performance on that part can damage the system.

The size of the screen is the next feature that you need to take care of, when going for the best laptop deals in Kenya. Laptops usually have a flat screen that uses the Thin Film transistor technology. This means that each pixel is controlled individually and the resultant display has improved fluidity. Screen size is measured in inches are used to describe the screen size and the corresponding diagonal length. The display format is 4 units wide and 3 units high (4:3). If you wish to view videos on your laptop computer, then settle for the best laptop deals in Kenya that offer 15:10 display formats. Frequent fliers may find that the economy seats do not allow their 15 inch laptop screen to fully open. Thus, they may think about going in for a mini-laptop or even a tablet.

When evaluating the best laptop deals in Kenya, consider the specialized graphics chip that comes embedded in the computer motherboard. This is necessary as you cannot change it once the laptop deal is done, that is, after purchasing your machine. A graphics card is useful during video visualization, manipulation, video games, 3D applications, etc. If you are totally into animation or gaming, then choose the best graphics card before making your choice of the laptop to buy.

Another very important spec to look for is Wi-Fi technology in a laptop. Most laptops come along with built-in Wi-Fi facility. Laptops can be easily connected to Wi-Fi zones and wireless networks, from any place in your home or public places connected to Wi-Fi terminal.

If you are multimedia person, like digital video manipulation, connecting a digital camera or an mp3 player, then you should consider the laptops performance and number of I/O ports available. Just as in the case of desktop computers, check out what is the type of CD/DVD drive that the laptop is offering. If it is a combo drive, then you can read and write CDs in your laptop, but you cannot write data into DVDs. However, the laptops that are available in the market now mostly have the facilities for reading and writing CDs as well as DVDs. But is it is good to confirm when you go for the laptop deal.

You should consider the ergonomics of the keyboard and pointing while choosing the best laptop deals in Kenya. The keyboard keys should be comfortable to type and should not be cluttered. Many people don’t take care of this fact, but trust me it is one important factor when you want to buy a laptop.

The weight of a laptop also should be taken into consideration during the laptop deals especially if you will be moving around with it. You don’t want it to cripple your shoulders!

Lastly, you should also understand the type of battery offered. Look for batteries that have up to 3 to 4 hours battery life.

Important closing tips when looking for Best Laptop deals in Kenya

  • You should shop around for the best laptop deals offered in the market.
  • Carry out a thorough research on the Internet and ask people who use laptop computers regarding the laptop deals in the market.
  • Visit shops that are well-known and have a good brand in the market.
  • Always ask for discounts and free accessories, like laptop bags, offered by many manufactures.
  • Never forget signing up for a warranty deal. This is very important as laptops are very expensive and if you need to change or replace any part, you can claim it from the manufacturer.
  • Never make a laptop computer deal in hurry. Take ample time and choose the best laptop deal offered, not only in financial terms but in the performance factor as well.
  • Both laptops and desktop PC’s have their own pros and cons.
  • Visit a dealer with proper information, your requirements and a pre-planned budget, and try get the best deal in the market

IBM, Apple computers, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, HP and Acer are some of the laptop computers manufacturers that work in this field. There are many dealers that offer many freebies along with a laptop. Try to get the best freebie deal available.

At the end of the day, whether you are a businessman, a student, a researchers or a  gamer, you have different requirements. My advice is that you look for the best laptop deals in Kenya go for the one that contain features that match your work needs.