Where do you Get the Best Laptop Shops in Nairobi

Laptop Shops in Nairobi
Laptop Shops in Nairobi

If you are looking for the best laptop shops in Nairobi, then look no further as i wish to go through the criteria to help you get there. There are lots of computer shops in Nairobi dealing with computer and computer accessories. My objective is not to name them because I will end up with a lot of names.

More importantly, I can tell you how to know what a good laptop shop looks like so that you can be able to tell. I recognize that you might not  be residing in Nairobi and so the information below can apply to your situation too.

Characteristics of good Laptop Shops in Nairobi

Here are some of the indicators that a shop is good;

  • Lots of Stock– I believe that a good laptop shop should be well stocked. You should be able to see a lot of variety for the computers that you are looking for. Although some shops might decide to stock less due to security and financing reasons, stocking leaves an impression on the customer. It means that a business has been there for a long time and also has the capacity to do business on a larger scale. This means they are benefiting from economies of scale which trickle down to the consumer with low prices on computers.
  • Competitive prices– A good computer shop should have well displayed prices on all of their computers. There should be a price list to guide you when comparing prices with other dealers. A good shopper should be able to compare prices before the final purchasing decision.
  • Online feedback– There has been disruptive era of businesses going online with most of them now having a website. However, most of the websites are static websites, what I call brochure websites. A website was build back in 2010 and it has never been updated. How long does such a business take to respond to queries done online? The same culture will apply even to the website. Websites that are active online also take shorter to respond to queries done on the website.
  • Quick working Website– We are quickly moving to e-commerce where most business will be conducted online. I look forward to the day we will have our Kenyan version of Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba. The websites mentioned above have amazing loads of information and great products. Customer queries are responded to very promptly despite them being received from all corners of the world. A good laptop seller should have a well functioning website. It should be available 24/7 to enable you to check it out at night and during weekends when you have time.
  • Quality Packaging– The quality of the packaging should differentiate a good laptop shop. They will pack so nicely in a carton, probably the one it came with from the manufacturer and include all accessories.
  • After Sale Support– Software installation and warranty are some of the other issues that you can use to gauge whether a laptop shop is really top notch. A good shop will offer assistance with software installation if you do not have the skills to install it for yourself. The warranty given should also help you out in case the computer malfunctions after some months.
  • Reviews– Most of us buy from people that you have been referred to and that raises the issue of the word on the street about particular laptop shops in town.  Pay attention to such reviews and only buy from those with a good reputation.

So there you go. I know you may have some other features that you look for. Kindly feel free to share them in the comments section below this post.

Physical places to find good laptop Shops in Nairobi

I saw a lot of queries from customers landing on this site asking about good laptop shops in Nairobi. I have been there too and I have noticed a trend which I am going to share with you.

Business Clustering of  Laptop Shops in Nairobi

Business clustering means crowding of similar business around a single location. It has its benefits and disadvantages but that is for another day. After all this is a technology blog not a business blog. So, business clustering in this case means that laptop shops in Nairobi are found within the same locations. Just as if you wanted electronics you will head down to Luthuli Avenue, where do you go if it’s computers you are looking for. I did my little research and found out that most Laptop shops in Nairobi are found around CBD, Kimathi Street, Biashara Street and Moi Avenue. As I said, if you see one, just know there are others just nearby. Do not be in a hurry to buy, ask for the price list and compare the prices before you can make the final purchasing decision.

I hope this information proves helpful to you as you look for the best laptop shops in Nairobi.


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