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A friend of mine recently invited me to accompany him to a forum he was invited to make a presentation. As we were travelling we had a talk from which there arose a topic which was of great concern. FLEXIBILITY. My friend lamented that he had to carry both his laptop and IPad every time he went for a presentation (He is a web designer and have to do demos to clients). I thought this was tedious! Not only because it is bulky but also the time spent to transfer the data from his laptop to the IPad. Lucky for him the market has products that would help solve his problem: the detachable laptops.

We will have a close look at the HP Split x2 Convertible



13.3 inch 16:9, 1366×768 pixel,

Capacitive, Chi Mei CMN1351, TN LED

  Hard disk

   Micron RealSSD C400 MTFDDAT128MAM-1J2, 128 GB


  Intel Panther Point PCH – High Definition Audio Controller


  1 USB 2.0, 1 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI,

Audio Connections: 3.5 mm combo, Card Reader: SD reader,

Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope, eCompass.


 Ralink RT3290 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter (b g n), 4.0 Bluetooth


 Height x width x depth (in mm): 22.9 x 679 x 433


  2.3 kg Power Supply: 0.28 kg


  3-cell   tablet + 3-cell base Lithium-Polymer

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8 64 Bit

HP Split x2 Convertible is the latest version with its predecessor being envy x2 which was 11 inches. This makes Split x2 to be considered more of the laptop family since it is 13 inch. Unlike its predecessor Split x2 is relatively heavy and this can be attributed to the secondary battery that ensures longer battery life than the other convertible laptops in the market. Under ideal battery runtime conditions the Split x2 is able to last for almost 11 hours.

Something that can be noted about the HP Split x2 is that it uses a current Intel Core i-series processor, rather than the Atom chip found in most of the convertible laptops including its predecessor Envy x2. This makes it essentially the same as any other 13-inch ultrabook-style laptop, and ensures one all-day Web surfing, e-mail, productivity and media playback.

Wireless 802.11n is provided by a dual-antenna Ralink RT3290 module with integrated Bluetooth 4.0. Future models are expected to carry a Broadcom 4352 module for 802.11c connectivity should the user support it.

The tablet portion itself houses little connectivity options – even a USB port is conspicuously absent. It does, however, have a local micro SD reader, headphone jack and AC power adapter, all of which are located on the bottom edge alongside the proprietary dock pins. Consequently, this also means that all ports will become inaccessible once the tablet is connected to its station. This is not an issue for the power or headphone ports as the dock includes its own set as well, but users will need to detach the base if physical access to the micro SD card is required. The dock provides 2 USB ports, an HDMI port and an SD reader. The matte plastic chiclet keyboard (28.5 cm x 10 cm) on the dock shows no issues in terms of responsiveness while typing.

The CPU is in the tablet-like top half of the system, along with the RAM, battery, and SSD storage (presumably 128GB). However, the keyboard base unit is capable of not only having a second battery (common enough in hybrids), but also a larger platter hard drive. That way, you could use the SSD in the lid for programs and frequently used files, but keep, for example, a 500GB HDD in the base for your archives of movies and music.

PROS of the HP Split x2 Convertible Laptop

Split 2aThe Split x2 is good in terms of system performance due to the ULV i3 CPU. It also have a longer battery life. Again it can come in handy in terms of flexibility (due to its convertible nature). The HP convertible is fun to use around the house and for kids as a multimedia device, especially with the large 13.3-inch touchscreen.

CONS of the HP Split x2 Convertible Laptop

Split 2The weight, size, and middling display all prevent the Split x2 from being an outdoors device.

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