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iPhone USB DATA cables in Kenya

What are USB cable?

USB cables are important tools used to connect a computer or laptop to an external source such as a camera, smartphone, mp3 player devices or a video recorder and transfer data. These cables are compatible to standard USB ports present in computers or laptops.

There before USB ports were non-existent in computer but now they have become a standard equipment and therefore many people are opting for USB functionable gargets.

Many modern day mobile phone are using USB cables for data transfer and with the developing technology there is the introduction of the USB ported charger header.

How do I choose the best USB data cable?

Device compatibility, dimension, weight and color can be checked when you are purchasing so that you will get one you love and will enjoy using. To get the best quality for your money, make sure you also compare prices. Slightly the iPhone USB cables are high in price but the quality and performance is really impressive. The secret is to buy a cable that will work to serve your needs without disappointments.

Among the many USB cables available in Kenya is the iPhone USB data cable. Not common in the Kenyan market since its one of the highspeed cables. The cable has an aluminium casing which helps in protecting the cable against any electromagnetic interference thus you get reliable data transfer even at high speed of upto 480mb per second.

How do I know Your product is genuine?

The iPhone USB data cables are much of good quality and efficient to all the iPhone model phones from the oldest original iPhone to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without forgetting the newest in market, the iPhone X. Can transfer data such as files, photos, or act as a Built-CD-ROM or use it as a charger.

How to get our product.

We are located in Nairobi along Moi Avenue, Rahimtulla Trust Building along, Opposite the Bazaar 2nd floor Room 11. Free delivery within the CBD and a relatively chargeable delivery fee country wide.

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